Hey Community, Ladies, and Gentlemen, here we are!

Many changes are coming towards us all, and we, the CryptoMyFace Team, are super excited! As you already could see in our Social Media Communities, such as Telegram and Discord, lately, there were a few confusing stories. Mainly from the DappStats side, while from the CryptoMyFace Team, chaos was always part of the feature. This will never change, but at least we now have a timeline, which we can put our chaos on. So let’s go through the most significant changes that happened:

DappStats – No-Links Policy

As Sid came up with new rules, we all joked around, stating that we can not share any links in DappStats, while they’re in “maintenance mode.” But it got real pretty fast, always friendly and supportive, but straightforward. And straightforward is definitely how Sid is moving forward with his flagship. He got everything together to implement changes and upgrade DappStats for a more significant user experience. And hence if he manages to implement just 1% of the team’s ideas, this project will skyrocket! After all the Shitcoins drama, I’m so ready for this! What about you?

While this is happening, there is nothing technical to do for me on the DappStats side, and the Sloth has no Social Media stories. We’re on vacation 🙂 And we’ve chosen Crypto Paradise as the destination and dropped a bomb: I mean, put a Sloth and a Bush together, …

CryptoMyFace is born!

Aaaaaaah, so good! The most incredible community of all times, my most enormous love ever, Crypto Paradise, is back. As it was clear that DappStats needs full attention, more than planned before from the developing side, we realized that following projects out of DappStats will be challenging. So Sloth and me, that was already doing separate tasks, founded CryptoMyFace to keep Cryptoradio.FM, DApps.Buzz and the other smaller projects under one hood.

We then expanded our core team with Don Mortelli because he’s a fantastic, trustworthy, and conscious guy. And one of the most genius devs I know. You know, those kinds of devs that can talk to humans.

And we hijacked the Crypto Paradise Community from Parrot-Pirate Sid so that we can bring it back to life again. I mean, I have goosebumps when I think back to when the Crypto Paradise Token sold out! We had a party! And that’s what we wanted before, and we got them back!

I’m so proud of this community, and it was the right step. Now, something is happening, at speed, nobody ever could imagine. It’s phenomenal. And the next article I will write here on CryptoMyFace will be entirely about that astonishing thing. Everybody that is in the CryptoMyFace community knows what I’m talking about. If not, join the conversation here on Telegram or Discord, and of course, for the fantastic guys using Matrix.

Oh, and here we are: The following article I will write will be here on CryptoMyFace, …

They’re killing DApps.Buzz?! Again??

It would be best if you killed something at least two times before it will be excellent. I was kidding: It was a long way we had with this great small project. Starting as Swisstron, focusing on Tron and Swiss people. Then we got more attention than expected and changed into TronBuzz, expanding our audience. Later, Tron was not enough anymore because the Foundation and the Leader got bullish in bullshit and let people stay away from this technically most fantastic blockchain. We had to follow the DApps, there where the hype happened. So we rebranded into DApps.Buzz, and expanded our audience.

Today we have CryptoMyFace with many pieces of information brought together from many sources; it’s reasonable to have our content there, and not just as a source. We have many visitors on DApps.Buzz, but CryptoMyFace is killing it. So we bring our range into the importance and move it where the traffic is.

But DApps.Buzz will not just burn down, Ladies and Gentlemen! No! It will rise from its ashes stronger as before, doing its projects name a tremendous honor. It will be something fantastic for you and also benefit DappStats, and its token holders. Of course, since it’s a CryptoMyFace project, it will also help this community.
But sadly, I’m not allowed to tell more about this since focus one at once is our solid beat, …

Cryptoradio.FM, or …?

Speaking about it, already heard about CryptoMyFace Radio? No, it’s not happening. But Radio will be a topic there, and we will move the Cryptoradio.FM website into CryptoMyFace. Also, from the marketing aspect, having the content together will be beneficial. Sloth already launched the Sloth Advertising Package, and for advertisers, believe me, you want that traffic. It was always traffic from a robust and active community. The projects are a fundamental topic in the chats when something new comes up. And if the projects are great, the people stick to them. But they also can be hard to the shit projects out there and speak freely negative about it. No matter what. It’s the reason why everybody that launches a new DApp needs that community in their early stages. And so we do, with the new DApp that is coming up!

The Sloths Bushes Game With Eggs And Eagles Feeding Whale Babies

We have nothing more to tell, except that a few people from the CryptoMyFace Community are Alpha testing a DApp we’re building. The DApp was an idea to try a platform we have nearly ready and changes the game on a specific topic. Our game is built on our platform to test the media functionalities. And from cheap and dirty, it went into an actual project. With a story, an artist making the arts, more than three ways to earn profits with more than five strategies you can build on. It’s fantastic, and soon we will have the Beta Doors open!

We’re focusing on the Flow Blockchain, so if you have a few spare coins around, it’s absolutely worth getting a bag of Flow. Speaking from bags, also get your CPR and DST together, collect, and diamond-hand them 😉 No more hints given; now I have to stop.

More pieces of info will drop in the communities in the next few days, so stick around. The CryptoMyFace Website will also be in a “passive” maintenance mode for the next few days, which sometimes means you will encounter issues and broken layouts.